Apprenticeship Standards

There has been a large scale overall of apprenticeships in the last couple of years with the introduction of Apprenticeship Standards.

Apprenticeship Standards

The standards are developed by groups of employers who set out the skills, knowledge and behaviours expected to be achieved by the end of an apprenticeship programme. This provides much greater flexibility in the way that apprenticeships are delivered and also increases the involvement of employers in the overall process.

The apprenticeship standards are approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships. The IfA is working with employer groups to develop new standards to replace apprenticeship frameworks with the intention of having standards available for all industries and career pathways.

To see a full list of apprenticeship standards please visit the IfA website.

End Point Assessment

Unlike the old apprenticeship frameworks, apprentices on standards-based programmes will go through an endpoint assessment to complete their apprenticeship. Different standards will have different types of endpoint assessment. Once the learner successfully passes their endpoint assessment they will complete their apprenticeship. What is important to note is that the training provider and employer need to work with the learner to prepare them for the endpoint assessment. Endpoint assessments are conducted by organisations who are independent to the training provider.



Recent Apprenticeship Standards